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Manages a JASocket cluster.

JAConfig implements an eventually consistent distributed key/value database for managing a JASocket cluster. Also included are Quarum for tracking when a quorum of hosts is present, Ranker for determining which nodes are least loaded, ClusterManager for starting up other servers and Kingmaker–which decides which node is to run ClusterManager. JAConfig is lock-free, actor-based and has no single point of failure.
JAConfig is available on The (Maven) Central Repository, so Maven users just need to add this to their POM file:


(Be sure to update the version number appropriately, of course.)

Dependencies: Java 7, sshd, jline, joda-time, slf4j, JActor, JID, JASocket, JFile



  1. JAConfig–Extensible Cluster Manager
    The JASocket package makes it easy to create distributed, scalable software. JAConfig, in turn, makes it easy to manage in production… more
  2. Getting Started with JAConfig
    To run JASocket you will need the JAR files for compatible versions of JActor, JID, JASocket and JFile. Download these projects from… more

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